Tabletop Decor

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    From beaded garland to trinket dishes & everything in between, this is where you'll find just the right thing to spruce up your tabletops.
    48 products
    Marble Foil Heart Tray
    Forest Moss Ball
    Cadence Beaded Garland
    Beaded Pedestal Bowl
    Beaded Candlestick
    from $29.95
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    White Sage Boxwood Mini Drop
    Wood Beaded Church Sitters
    from $31.50
    Assorted Beaded Crosses
    from $15.65
    Beaded Lantern Set
    Sold Out
    White Beaded Wood Frames
    from $34.45
    Sold Out
    Scalloped Teacher Trinket Trays
    Assorted Glass Floats
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    Paulownia Tassel Vases
    from $37.50
    Assorted Decorative Beaded Tassels
    Sage Beaded Tassel
    Sold Out
    Beaded Mango Wood Nesting Trays
    Little Dog Big Heart Block Sign
    Stoneware Jug Vases
    from $27.75
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    Natural Beaded Wood Frames
    from $29.95
    Sold Out
    Beaded Chatham Trays
    Wood Links
    Green Antique Cellar Bottle
    Terracotta Candlesticks
    from $19.99
    Mr. & Mrs. Glass Frame
    Blue Glass Beads
    Large Glass Olive Bottle
    Sold Out
    Large Beaded Vase
    Woven Jugs
    from $32.50
    Nested Beaded Bowl Set
    Textured Metal Pedestals
    from $34.99
    Beaded Pedestal Trays
    from $26.99
    Black & White Beaded Tassel
    Sold Out
    Black & White Check Gnome
    Sold Out
    Distressed Crown Lantern Set
    Sold Out
    Sorry I'm Late Block Sign
    Woven Heart Basket
    Terracotta Stem Vases
    Floral Dot Bud Vases
    from $13.95
    Black & White Marble Frame
    Natural Beaded Wood Frames
    from $34.45
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