Mudpie Tabletop Decor

43 products

    From candlesticks to picture frames to vases to risers, Mudpie's selection of tabletop decor will have you creating effortlessly eye-catching centerpieces.
    43 products
    Forest Moss Ball
    Marble Foil Heart Tray
    Spring Bottle Neck Vase
    from $19.95
    Beaded Pedestal Bowl
    Beaded Candlestick
    from $29.95
    White Beaded Candlesticks
    from $34.50
    Beaded Lantern Set
    Sold Out
    Beaded Tiered Server
    Sold Out
    Beaded Recipe Box
    Skinny Beaded Stem Vase
    from $13.95
    Sold Out
    White Beaded Wood Frames
    from $34.45
    Assorted Glass Floats
    Bell Cup Bundle
    Sold Out
    Soap & Sponge Caddy Holder
    Bottleneck Glass Vases
    Terracotta Candlesticks
    from $19.99
    Stoneware Bottle Vases
    Stoneware Jug Vases
    from $27.75
    Sold Out
    Natural Beaded Wood Frames
    from $29.95
    Dried Bunny Tail Bouquet
    Wood Links
    Mr. & Mrs. Glass Frame
    Blue Glass Beads
    Sold Out
    Large Beaded Vase
    Woven Jugs
    from $32.50
    Nested Beaded Bowl Set
    Textured Metal Pedestals
    from $34.99
    Beaded Pedestal Trays
    from $26.99
    Sold Out
    Beaded Chip & Dip Set
    Two Toned Paulownia Vases
    from $49.95
    Sold Out
    Distressed Crown Lantern Set
    Terracotta Stem Vases
    Floral Dot Bud Vases
    from $13.95
    Black & White Marble Frame
    Natural Beaded Wood Frames
    from $34.45
    Sold Out
    Nice Buns Grill Platter
    Terracotta Bud Vase Bookends
    Black & White Marble Bookends
    Marble Candlestick
    from $42.95
    Marble Scroll Serving Board
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